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The Clemens family has been dedicated to creating and maintaining America’s wastewater infrastructure for four generations. It began when Henry Clemens founded the Cannelton Sewer Company in Cannelton, Indiana in 1906. It continued when his son, Edward, expanded the company to Mineral Wells, Texas in 1956. Edward grew the company to Texas in order to provide the building materials necessary for westward expansion. Eventually, the Texas plant had an annual production of over 2,000 cartloads of pipe and employed over 100 people. At the time, this was the most modern plant of its kind in the United States.

Art Clemens, our founder, invented The OdorKnocker in 1996 to continue the work of his father and grandfather. Over time, populations grew and shifted which lead to buildups of H2S gas. This gas caused odor problems which disrupted the neighborhoods they were meant to serve and degraded the pipes produced by previous generations. The Model RX provided an elegant solution to this growing problem and Art was able to expand the business to provide for municipalities all over the country. Before his passing in 2017, he entrusted the company to his son Jim. We’re honored to continue the commitment of three generations to clean, safe water wherever it’s needed.

To learn more about our founder read Art Clemens’ Obituary.