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How it Works


When the RX is placed on a properly cleaned manhole ring the gasket on the bottom of the outer lip of the tub provides an air tight seal and assures that the air flow in the manhole is upward through the vent holes and into the media.

The deflector plate assures that the air flow is distributed properly throughout the media and that there is not a channeling of the flow straight upward from the vent holes.

While the air is in containment in the media, a chemical action occurs and the H2S is converted to iron pyrite or fool’s gold. This is a non-hazardous and an easily disposed of composition of material.

Make sure that the air is allowed to flow out from under the manhole cover. Do not seal. The manhole must breathe for proper removal. Normally the pick hole plus leakage around the base of the manhole cover will be sufficient to allow the flow.  The screening material & stainless steel vessel are not affected by H2S.


Odor Knocker with Media and in the field