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How it Works


The OdorKnocker™ RX is a durable and environmentally friendly solution for H2S odor control in manholes that is easy to install, requires minimal maintenance, and is able to be refilled and relocated as needed.

Conditions that lead to H2S buildup: 

  • High heat
  • Flat areas where the waste is ‘standing still’ and harder to pump through
  • Proximity to pump stations and wastewater plants
  • Turbulent water in sewer pipes
  • Changes in distribution patterns of human and animals waste 
  • Parking lots and alleys of strip malls with restaurants
  • New subdivisions: New sewer line pipe sizes and grades are designed for ultimate flows and it sometimes it takes years to achieve the designed flows
  • Seasonally used areas like: State or National Parks, Campgrounds, Stadiums, Golf Courses,  Bike Paths, Walking or Jogging trails

The Model RX is placed on a properly cleaned manhole ring and the gasket on the bottom of the outer lip of the tub to create an air tight seal. This placement directs air flow upward through the vent holes and into the media.

The deflector plate distributes the air flow properly throughout the media. It also prevents a channeling of the flow straight upward from the vent holes.

A chemical action occurs while the air is in containment in the media. During this time the media binds with and coverts the H2S to iron pyrite or fool’s gold. The resulting material is non-hazardous and easily disposed of. The media is not only made from recycled materials, but can be recycled a second time as a soil amendment to add iron and sulfur into the soil. It’s also EPA and OSHA approved. 

Please Note:

We have been hearing more about the practice of trapping H2S odors in manholes. While this tactic offers a temporary relief from H2S odors it can worsen the deterioration of concrete and pipe corrosion that is associated with the generation and oxidation of H2S.  This can lead to bigger problems down the road. If you are currently using this method for H2S management, consider the OdorKnocker Model RX as a better alternative. It will allow for proper air flow while eliminating the H2S odor altogether.

OdorKnocker with Media and in a manhole in the field