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The OdorKnocker RX works well for manhole odor control in Municipal Sewer Systems, Parks, Stadiums, Resorts, Beach Areas & Islands, Subdivisions, Schools, Parking Lots and Shopping Centers. Our results are proven and our Media is EPA and OSHA approved.

It can also be easily installed in under five minutes, just follow the instructions below or watch the video above. Also feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

1. Clear debris from lip of manhole with crowbar or wire brush.

2. Install insert on lip.

3. Place 14” bottom screen over vent holes.

4. Spread 1” Media and place Diffuser Plate on top.

5. Fill with Media to the top. 

6. Place 22” Screen on top and tuck sides under lip for best fit, then lay lifting straps over top. 

7. Make indentations in Media for struts on bottom lid of manhole if necessary. 

8. Put manhole cover back on.

Please Note: Do not seal the manhole cover as the unit must have airflow through the media for proper operation.