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Non-Hazardous Media


Made from Recycled Material and may itself be recycled a second time!

Our media is EPA and OSHA approved and can be used to add iron and sulfur to soil.

Our media is made with a ‘secret sauce’ which is baked onto wood chips and shavings. It is supplied for use with our insert and above ground units for H2S removal. The chips and shavings are carefully selected to give a range of particle sizes which give as much contact with the gas as possible in order to maximize the removal process. OdorKnocker™ Media weighs between 48-52lbs per cubic foot and is NON-HAZARDOUS in both the new and spent state as it does not absorb H2S. Instead, it is converted into non-toxic iron pyrite (SDS furnished on request).

It is shipped in 1.25 cubic foot bags which are plainly marked. It can be further recycled when changed out by spreading on flower beds, roads, gardens, etc. or hauling it to the dump.

The odor control media converts the H2S into iron pyrite, or fools gold. Under normal conditions, one cubic foot of media will convert 15 lbs. of H2S.

Click Here for Odorknocker Media Moisture Maintenance Procedures.

We also supply media for non Odorknocker™ Systems

EPA / odor control media OSHA / manhole odor control