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Model RX


Our OdorKnocker™ RX Manhole Odor Control Insert is the most efficient method of destroying H2S

  • No welds or patches
  • Wall thickness is 18 Gauge
  • The tub is made of stainless steel spun and pressed to size from one sheet
  • Our units will not break and fall into the manhole base due to traffic vibrations
  • Diffuser plate prevents channeling of gas
  • H2S proof screen prevents loss of media through bottom air vents
  • Top screen prevents mud & debris from entering media
  • Side lifting handles/straps are nylon web material 1” wide
  • Media is non-hazardous new and spent


  • No more H2S smell
  • Quickly Installed
  • Can be easily moved to different problem areas
  • Our Model RX doesn’t need daily or weekly maintenance
  • No daily visits or chemical additions (No electrical use)
  • Crew time and travel are reduced saving fuel and improving air quality
  • Refilling unit is quickly done
  • Maintenance costs are reduced overall

Model RX Components

  • TUB is 304 Stainless Steel sheet hydraulically pressed into shape and not welded or patched
  • SCREEN is made of Woven Polyester Mesh coated with vinyl; a proven combination.
  • DEFECTOR PLATE is made of High Density Ethylene Hexene-1 Copolymer.
  • LIFTING HANDLES are 1” wide Nylon Webbing attached with a #6 SS Rivet
  • ODORKNOCKER™ MEDIA is an Organic Iron Base Compound blended with wood chips and shavings.

Odor Knocker with Media


Top Vents


Bottom Screen


Diffuser Plate


Filled & Ready