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Moisture Maintenance Procedures

OdorKnocker Media functions best at an approximate moisture level of 40% (when squeezed by hand the material should clump but not drip). If the material is dry and flaky in your hand, or if the whole 1-bushel bag is substantially below 50lbs, re-hydrate the material using either of the following methods:

  • Open both bags (the white OdorKnocker bag and the plastic shipping bag) and stand them on end. Then, simply pour 2 gallons of tap water directly onto the Odorknocker bag inside the plastic bag. Close the outer bag. The more time you can allow for this water to be absorbed, the better. If time allows, leave standing overnight, then drain.


  • Install the Media as instructed in the OdorKnocker Installation Instructions and slowly pour 2 gallons of water evenly over the Media before you put the manhole lid back in place. 

If the Media is installed in a continuously moist environment, it will re-hydrate over time, but in dryer places it may be necessary to re-hydrate the Media manually if the H2S odor reoccurs within 3-6 months. To do this remove the manhole cover and slowly pour 2 gallons of water evenly over the Media.