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Won’t stop the rain but will stop the rising cost of sewage treatment.

We offer Stainless Steel Rainstopper Manhole Cover Inserts.  They are built to prevent unwanted rainwater, snowmelt, sand, dirt, and trash from entering your system through the manhole cover. Unwanted Rainwater adds to the cost of sewage treatment. Now this rainwater can be eliminated from the system with the Stainless Steel “Rainstopper” manhole cover insert.


  • Easily installed by one person
  • Made from corrosion resistant high strength stainless steel
  • Weight only ten pounds
  • Sewer gas will be vented with a non-mechanical device
  • Less Maintenance due to no moving parts


  • Stops flow of rainwater into sewage systems
  • Control manhole odors
  • Keeps dirt out of the system
  • Helps prevent manhole rattling and flipping due to street traffic
  • Won’t fall in to manhole

NOTE: We also offer extremely durable HDPE plastic Rainstopper. Let us know if you would like more information on these!